What does this course include?

The course includes 7 video tutorials, Creating Your Content For Your Website Workbook, Vision to Execution Workbook, and more. 

Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Creating Your Content Course Workbook

    • MIND The 4 A's Method

    • Vision to Execution Workbook

  • 2

    Start Here

    • Lesson 1- It is time to clearly define your vision, purpose, and why for your website

    • Lesson 2- Time to make your product/services unique

    • Lesson 3- Let your audience know who you are, mission, and your vision

    • Lesson 4- Time to identify the layout of your website, and understand the functionalities of your website

    • Lesson 5- Are you ready to create and develop your product/service page?

    • Lesson 6- Make sure your audience is clear on your policy, expectations, shipping and more

    • Lesson 7- It is time to close the deal

How do I start planning to develop my website?

Don't know where to start. Listen here. In this course, we will go through all the details with examples to create your content for your website. We will work on the different pages for a website. For example,  the home page, about, shop, policy, FAQs, booking, policies, and so much more. When you are confident about the next steps there is nothing that can stop you. Be confident in your brand. 


Real Clients! Real Results!

I'm over 50 and I did it!

Technology is moving so fast, I wondered if I can even create a website. This course broke it down into bite-size pieces. I was able to complete and create all the wording for my website. Brittani literally is my lifesaver. The examples were simple and doable. I encourage anyone to do this course. Now we have published my website, and business is growing.

I almost quit by myself!


I started to create by store on a platform that was overwhelming, and I could never finish it. I was frustrated and just over it. I attend this course and it made it so much easier. After this course, MIND Enterprise worked with me to complete my website and I absolutely love it. This course made me believe that I can do this. She made it so simple. We did it, and I love it!



The course provided me clarity on my next steps. I was ready to upgrade my website and didn't know where to start or how I wanted it to look. After, this course the vision was clear, and the upgraded website was complete. It was well worth the investment. Take this course and complete the work. You will be truly happy with the results.

Get Started Now

Don't put this on the back burner! You have been wanting to do this. There are people that are looking for your services or products that you provide. Start this course for $99 compared to $169.


We know that this is an investment for you. Here are a few things that will be accomplished in this course.

  • You will define your vision, develop your goal for your website, write out why you want a website, and develop affirmations

  • You will define your services/products, identify your target audience, be able to write out the problem you are solving, and create a mission, vision, and about page.

  • You will define layout, purpose of your home page, develop a clear vision of service or store. Create your FAQ's, and contact page.

  • You will be able to confidently discuss the functionality that you want for your website.

  • You will create and understand what call of actions you want for each page.

  • By the end of the course you will have a clear vision of your website layout, function, and wording for your website.

Early Bird Special

Get Started Now for $99 compared to $169. This is the time to invest in your dreams. Do what you have to do and stop making excuses. This investment will have a return on its investment.